Feb 14

Corporate Empires vs. Human Experiences


The first feeling you get in America, when you come from an African/ European background is: Corporate America.

Even-though, It’s my third time to come to America, this time I have a more mature understanding of many aspects of people’s life. After having seen Time Square, Leicester Square and now Yonge-Dundas Square I started to ask myself:

"What about the people of those cities? Where can I see their experience?"

In a world divided between Lovemarks and NoLogo, where is the authentic voice, face and story of THE individual?

Of course companies are not selfish colonial-empires as those familiar to us from distant past, but their expansion and loud presence does not differentiate from kingdoms and the like.

If you would visualize the influence corporations have compared to single individuals on the life-style of the city, you would instantly realize that the citizens are exposed to the interest of large corporations. This is more true in America than in Europe and less true in Africa of course, where non-commercial culture plays a massive role.

Since I am also in the ‘business’ of growing a brand and expanding it to every corner of the world, I must admit, this extreme exposer of companies is a warning signal for me. It tells me to celebrate and put more focus on the ‘human-experience’ and not the brand itself (corporation).

Part of our startups DNA is to put the focus on the human-experience (it will be reflected by the new symbol that we are currently developing) but in a world dominated by corporations, this alignment can be forgotten easily.

Companies have to radically re-imagine the role they play in people’s life. Since they have the greatest power, they should not abuse it to display humans as exploitable entities but more as a graceful beings who have to be individually celebrated.

If not, people will not be able to experience a life outside of brands and thereby the brands will be the only experience people can make, which is silly.

People like Joe Pine, Rene Schuster have been suggesting a revised corporate model like ours, but their implementation seems to be hindered due to corporations acting in their own self interest only. This has to change.

The greatest challenge for corporations is to create services where their presence and influence can only be perceived by the great experience humans make and cultivate.

Nov 19
Oct 09

Being a “Social Transformer”


These are results from a Startup Compass survey which reveal the nature and direction of our startup I WISH. The results are helpful in strategic decision making and that’s why I put them here on my blog.

Startup Type:
"Your have been classified as a Type 1N which we call the Social Transformer. Type 1N startups have a self service customer acquisition strategy and a product with network effects. They are a subset of Type 1. They typically have challenge gaining a critical mass of users but if they are able to overcome that initial hurdle they have the potential to have runaway user growth in markets that are often “winner take all”. Their products are characterized by creating new ways for people to interact."

The results from the Startup Compass show clearly that the ultimate goal of running a startup like I WISH is (of course) to change the world. Most partners who were able to answer this question on their own proofed me their expertise in this domain. 

Motivations of founders who do “Social Transformer Startups”


It’s not that Social Transformers are not interested in “Making a good living” ; It’s just only that their core motivation to start an enterprise was and is “To change the world”. To achieve that, iterating the product is crucial.

"Social Tranformers are one of the most challenging types of startups but also offer the greatest rewards due their “winner take all” effects. They must have a strong product focus but their greatest value lies in amassing a large number of users that create value for each other."

Founding Team Expertise:
"The most important skills for Social Transformers are good user experience, strong insight into human behavior and creative marketing."

Product Validation:
"Product validation does not usually come from revenue unless taking a transaction or listing fee is a natural part of the service. In the early phases the currency of time and attention are more important."

Startup Hubs:


I recalled the list of the top five startup cities in the world from the “famous” Startup Genome Project to define our next steps: 

1. Silicon Valley 2. New York City 3. London 4. Toronto 5. Tel Aviv

In this current stage of our startup the location will play a critical role in evolving the enterprise. The reason being: location-based understanding for the phase we are in and the recourses we require to prevail more rapidly: Funding, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Drive, Creative Culture, Talent ect.

Sep 19

It’s like as if it was yesterday when I was at SONO place to talk about his ambition to produce a video clip which would reflect his rapgenius. Here is my favorite realizer of the week.

Jul 25
Jul 23

quote You must make your future dream a present fact… by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Neville (Thanks to Weghata for sharing) - The problem with quoting people is that you may understand only 1/1000 th of what they are trying to say. This quote comes at the end of a presentation in which Gregg Braden explains the pattern of an inter-connected universe. The inter-connectedness of the universe has the potential to manifest actions we wished for when we create an emotion of “ALREADY ACHIEVED”.

Now pessimists will experience the same approval as they create the negativity they felt and imagined. :-)

Jun 20

Jobs @ I WISH

This is what we look for; People who are:

Talented + Cool + Open Minded + Enthusiastic + Positive Attitude + Global Players + Empathic + Innovation Driven + Challenge Seekers + Tec-Lovers

Apply for the following positions, if you think you are what we look for:


A Talented Web Developer (Web)

User Experience Designer (Web/ Mobile)

Marketing Guru (Viral)

Send your applicattion to info {@} iwishone {dot} com

Jun 11

Dreaming Awake - with dr. Catherine Shainberg

Thanks to Idea Republic for sharing his experience.

May 19

Following The Path of Attraction


I once said to an american friend of mine “Everyone is saying the same thing, but some people scream out one thing louder than others.” What we scream out is that wishes are a very important phenomenon which have to be captured and processes until they are fulfilled.

The fact that a WISH beeing tweeted every 30 SECONDS is not indicating the rise of a massive competitor, but rather a constant approval of our startup. In the early days of our startup I used to be easily intimidated by platforms that allow users the expression of wishes. Today I know that in a world of 7 billion people, there can’t be enough platforms dedicated to fulfill people’s wishes.

To gain great insights, I started developing our startup by looking at tweets like the once below. They are by far not as authentic as those found on IWISH, but at least, they give us a glimpse of the dynamics of the CORE users.

Most people who “follow the path of attraction” (as I like to call this phenomenon) are ATTRACTIVE young women between 16-26. They are warm hearted, imaginative, creative, life-loving, spiritual, romantic, social and self-conscious. They somehow represent one side of most people’s character: Aiming to achieve a goal, which is beyond their personal capacity. Wishing as a sort of calling for a super-hero who will make it happen – A rescuer, a facilitator, someone who cares. Not desperately, but more instinctively.


This is where our startup comes in. It is not just made to scream out what you wish, but to listen, connect and helps you to fulfill your wishes (of course while we are improving the service). You might ask yourself why men don’t appear prominently in the wishing process? According to the feedback loop I have been witnessing, it’s because they don’t like to admit what they wish and often men have by far less (quanty wise) demands than women. 

Leaders talk about “difference makers who thrive on chaos.” - The chaos on which IWISH is thriving is that most systems don’t really care about our INNER desires and they also don’t care about our EXPERIENCED fulfillments. Making wishes is easy. Making them come real is the hard part and this is the challenge we have decided to face ever since we started this “game”.

IWISH is an exciting endeavor leading to great understanding about the psychology of people and the diverse possibilities of fulfilling wishes like “Protecting The Amazon Forest”, “Infinite Energy”, “Publishing A Book” ect.

Wishes coming out of systems like Twitter, FB, Tumblr are often replica’s of other people’s desires or even stereo-type-wishes, but they somehow reflect the disconnect between wishing and fulfillment. This is the real challenge that we tap into.

Apr 05